SOUTHALL By Sky Minicab......

We cover Southall and love to serve the local community, our sky cabs will kick start your day, to work or play. Book with sky minicabs they shyne like you. Cabs are Sky and Southall is our home we know the streets..... so that you never have too.

London's Southall has strong Indian and Pakistani roots mixed with communities from all over the world.

You'll find women in colourful saris, pavement food stalls selling samosas and Indian sweets, and bright fabrics hanging in shop fronts.

Add to this the bhangra music in the air, and the hustle and bustle of a vibrant local economy, all of which makes a visit to Southall unforgettable. 

There's no better time to visit Southall than around the Festival of Lights or Diwali. Generally celebrated in late October or early November, at this time of year the streets of Southall are busy with the local community making preparations for one of the biggest festivals of the year.

Diwali is celebrated by the Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities and represents the victory of light over darkness.

Diwali is a great time to take advantage of special offers on silk and jewellery. Or treat yourself to an Indian Head massage or a henna tattoo. 

The main shopping area is along Southall Broadway on Uxbridge Road. Southall Market on Uxbridge Road opposite North Road is open on Friday and Saturday (by far the busiest day).

There are lots of different things on offer, ranging from food stalls, clothes (both Asian and European) and electronics.

Eating out in Southall

There's a huge range of places to eat and drink in Southall, particularly Punjabi, Sri Lankan, Pakistani and South Indian restaurants, please check out Punjabee in Southall Broadway and do mention Sky Minicabs/Southall Cabs when ordering for a special discount.

The Glassy Junction Pub prides itself as being the only pub in the UK to accept Indian rupees. It also has a good range of Indian beers on tap to accompany their curry menu.